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Deciding on a Broadband provider Is not easy with a constant stream of new deals being offered.  There are various factors that need to be considered whey looking for a new provider:

  • How long do you want the Broadband?
  • How much can you afford?
  • Do they put the customer first?
  • Do they provide a good service?
  • Is it good value for money?
  • Will you need new hardware or phoneline?

We have compared the main Broadband providers to see who offers the best value for money, speed and flexibility.

Weekly Broadband Sky Vodaphone BT Plusnet NOW Direct Save
Pay weekly
No fixed contract
Minimum term 1 month 18 months 24 months 24 months 18 months 1 month 1 month
Cost From £26 a month From £27 a month From £25 a month From £31.99 a month From £27 a month From £23 a month £39.95 a month
Offer monthly rolling contracts
Phone line included Optional
Unlimited Broadband
Speed 40mb 59mb 63mb 67mb 36mb 11mb 40mb

(updated:   29th October 2020)

There are numerous options to select from but if you are basing your decision on price, don’t be tricked in to being tied into a long term Broadband contract to get a good price.   Weekly Broadband offer a ‘no contract Broadband’, meaning you can cancel at any time with no penalties, and the price is competitive.

Monthly Broadband plans with no contract are not promoted by BT, Sky, Plusnet, Vodaphone or most other Broadband providers in the UK, as they want you to commit to a long term contract with them so you can’t leave.

They don’t offer flexible options with rolling monthly terms and are not always clear about the extra add-ons you need as part of the package.

We recommend

Broadband Freedom recommends Weekly Broadband as the best Broadband provider in the UK, as their simplistic and flexible approach puts the customer first.   No complex deals, no prices changes, no contract Broadband without a landline and cancel when you want.

Switching your Broadband

Changing any supplier can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be, most Broadband companies try to make the process easy.

Why are you changing?

Whether your contract is coming to an end or you are moving, always look for the best provider and deal for your circumstances.

If you are moving and living in rented accommodation for the next 6 months, taking out a 18 month Broadband contract will cost you considerably more than a no contract Broadband deal, such as with Weekly Broadband. Having a PAYG Broadband means that if you do rent, you will not be stung by cancellation charges if you want to stop your Broadband.

Speed and Connectivity

Always check that your provider is giving you the Broadband Speed they have promised. If they haven’t then you are within your rights to cancel your contract with them without any cancellation charges.

However connectivity is not related to your Broadband speed and you need to check carefully before you sign up with a provider, what they can offer to help with connectivity in your home. Weekly Broadband offers superfast Broadband in every room with their super router, which is only £1 a week.

Does it come with line rental?

A number of providers require you to take out their line rental in addition to the Broadband deal. There are providers, such as Weekly Broadband, that provide no contract Broadband with no line rental.


To encourage customers, some Broadband providers will bundle TV packages with the Broadband to make the package look more appealing. Always look at how much each element of the package would cost on its own first, to see if there really is a saving or if they are trying to tie you in to a bigger contract.

Our Advice

Before changing your Broadband, always look to why you are changing and if the deal you are looking at is really the right one for your circumstances. You can easily be tied in to a 24 month contract that includes Broadband, line rental, TV package that will cost you £50-£60 a month. This is a lot out of your budget each month.

Always consider what you can afford, whether you are a homeowner or in rental, as it impacts on what package you need.

PAYG Broadband is always the best option, in all circumstances.

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