No Contract Broadband
starting from £26.50 a month*

  • Flexible contracts
  • Anytime calls
  • Free router
  • High rated service
  • Customer service UK based
  • No credit checks
  • 100% acceptance
  • Fibre broadband

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No Contract


avg. download speed
Perfect for streaming

just £26.50 a month


6 months


avg. download speed
Fibre Plus
Perfect for streaming

just £33.99 a month


12 months


avg. download speed
Super Fast
Perfect for UHD streaming

just £39.99 a month


18 months


avg. download speed
Super Fast
Perfect for gaming

just £33.99 a month


...then leave the rest to us.


9mb standard, 40mb with our superfast fibre broadband


Call bundles available; local & national calls; mobile calls


Free with your order and upgrades are available


It's up to you! We do offer no phoneline broadband


No need to worry, we change your provider for you

Make it No Contract Broadband

Stay as long as you want... leave whenever you want...
...when you get a no contract broadband with Broadband Freedom. We don’t tie you in to long term contracts that can last 2 years as with most broadband deals, we provide the service on a rolling monthly agreement and can be as short as 1 month. We put you in control with a PAYG broadband package with all the speed you need to play games whilst watching the latest on Netflix.

We make sure you have the right connection, guaranteed!

We will give you an estimated speed before you order, if our service is not within a reasonable range, you can cancel your contact without penalty.

It’s so easy to switch from your current broadband supplier

We have our own customer service team based in the UK to make changing broadband supplier easy, in most cases you won’t even need to contact your current provider.

We offer flexible payments and short term contracts

We have one of the most flexible offers available, you can pay weekly. Short term contract and no credit check.

Check your speed

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How does our BROADBAND SPEED TEST work?

Broadband Freedom’s broadband speed checker is a free, quick and easy way to find out what broadband speed you’re getting.

Before you check your broadband speed, make sure you’re connected to the WiFi network you want to test. Enter your postcode and select whether you want to test a home or work connection. Then, find your current provider from the drop-down list and hit the ‘Test my broadband’ button.

You may find that your broadband speed is slower than you expected, or that faster speeds are available in your area. Your results compare connection speeds to your neighbours’ average speeds, and set out your options if you’d like to switch providers.