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Monthly Broadband Plans With No Contract

Broadband Freedom offers the versatile packages on the market in the UK. After all, you’ll struggle to find a broadband plan for 12 months these days, particularly with the bigger broadband providers, such as Virgin Media and BT Internet. With Broadband Freedom, you can get your hands on cheap, reliable broadband for as long as you want.

Yes, really…monthly contracts, 6 month contracts, 12 month contracts, 18 month contracts and 24 month contracts are available on all of our broadband plans. Our broadband packages come in three options: Unlimited Broadband; Home Fibre Broadband; Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast.

You’re on the monthly contract page for a reason; because you want to know more about your options. But before you commit to anything, you should give our Guide to Cheap No Contract Fibre Broadband a read, just so you’re up to date with the latest news on no contract broadband. Couple that info with the prices and speeds we’ll show you below and you’ll see the value of our monthly rollover.

We can guarantee it!

Monthly Unlimited Broadband

Our Unlimited Broadband uses ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology. It may be the slowest of our services but it’s faster than similar broadband offered by our competitors. There’s no need to worry about degraded broadband performances if you sign up with us. Our Unlimited Broadband has the widest coverage of our broadband services. 

You can stream Netflix while another member of the household browses the web. Unlimited Broadband is ideal for one or two people living in the same property. That’s why we think students will particularly benefit from our Unlimited Broadband and no contract monthly package.

1)     It’s quick and easy to set up, as it relies on an ADSL and FTTC infrastructure, meaning you won’t need the landlord’s permission to install.

2)     It is more than capable of handling one or two people online at the same time. So, you can do online research, upload coursework and access online portals for uni.

3)    The flexibility of a monthly rollover arrangement works around unpredictable student tenancies. If you decide to leave your student home for the summer, you’re not paying for unused broadband.

With this broadband deal, you also receive a free router and free line rental, although a house phone is not mandatory. Check out our guides for more information on landlines, phones and broadband. Plus, the main account holder will get 100 FREE minutes each month on their mobile. So, you and your housemate will need to decide who gets the free minutes.

Compare our ADSL service here:


Broadband Freedom£26.50 p/mo + £75.00 installation cost£393.00 p/year
Now Broadband£23.42 p/mo + £65.00 installation cost£346.06 p/year


Broadband Freedom16Mbps
Now Broadband10Mbps

Although they beat us on price, their speed is fairly average. With 16Mbps however, you can stream your favourite movies and shows in HD. Whilst your roommate is using up the free 100 minutes on the house phone. Without any disruptions or drop in broadband performance.

Monthly Home Fibre Broadband

Suitable for households of up to 3 to 4 people, Home Fibre broadband is perfect for small families and even university students living in a shared household. Although we do offer long term contracts that may be more suitable for many people, some of us just prefer flexibility and we at Broadband Freedom are definitely on board with that.

Flexibility is what brings value to our customers.

Our cheap Home Fibre Broadband is perfect for households using multiple devices for different purposes – online gaming, watching Netflix, streaming music, working from home or accessing university portals – you can expect Home Fibre Broadband to keep up with more than average internet use.

Before deciding which broadband deal you want, check that you are happy with the terms and check your local internet speed

You may also need one of our engineers to visit the property to install this package. This will depend on what kind of connection your property has to the broadband cables. You will not reach these speeds on an ADSL connection. You will require fibre optic cables at a minimum or if available full-fibre.

If you’re in a rented property, we’d also recommend you get the landlord’s permission to alter the property. Sometimes our engineers will need to drill holes and insert sockets.

And yes, the free router, line rental and 100 free minutes are also included in this package. 


Broadband Freedom£39.49 p/mo + £75.00 installation cost£548.88 p/year


Broadband Freedom36Mbps (average speed)

*None of our Competitors offered monthly contracts on packages with similar prices or speeds*

With speeds of 36Mbps, 40Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of 10Mbps, you’ll have access to speedy and reliable broadband. Additionally, you can stream Netflix in 4K and play games online while another person browses the web.

Monthly Home Fibre Plus – super fast

Our Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast package is perfect if you’re looking for something extra, something super, something fast! Not only do you get line rental included in this plan, along with 100 free monthly minutes for phones, but you get average broadband speeds of 63Mbps, 80Mbps download speeds and 20 Mbps upload speeds.

This package has left our competitors in the smoke. Some can beat our speeds; others can beat our prices but not without tying you down to a minimum 18 month contract. Our monthly Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast means you can cancel at any time without incurring termination fees. You can choose from a rolling monthly package up to a 24 month contract – it’s your choice.

As we said, freedom of choice and flexibility is what brings value to our broadband customers above all else.

Here’s a breakdown:


Broadband Freedom£45.49 p/mo + £75.00 installation cost£620.88 p/year

Did we mention…?

That we also offer competitive rates for local, national, international calls and PAYG phone packages? You still get free 100 minutes per month, every month for either landline or mobile.  You can check them out here.

Ready for Freedom?

All of our broadband deals can be renewed at the end of the term for 1, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months or cancelled at the end of the contract.

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