Choosing a Broadband Provider

How long do I want the Broadband?

Your choice of broadband provider and type of package should suit your circumstances. That’s why Broadband Freedom is the only provider with a pay as you go (PAYG) option. The other broadband companies shown in the chart tie you into 12, 18 or even 24-month contracts.

Let’s say you rent a property for a couple of months and sign up to an 18-month agreement. Knowing that you move out in six months, you’ve got no choice but to transfer it to your next home, or pay off the remainder of the contract because your new address is outside the scope of your provider’s broadband services.

You see, BT Internet, Sky, PlusNet, Vodafone, Virgin Media and most other UK broadband providers, want you to commit to long term contracts. Zero contract monthly broadband plans are not often promoted unless they are intentionally vague about any extra add-ons you may need as part of the package.

Our Answer: For as long as you like. Our flexible options work around you, meaning you can even cancel when you want without incurring penalty charges.

How much can I afford?

Your search of the cheapest deal will result in numerous options. Usually, the longer a broadband contract term is, the better the price for your broadband will be. Broadband Freedom offers no contract broadband, meaning you can cancel at any time without any penalties.

Oh, and our prices remain competitive!

Our Answer: There’s something for everyone with Broadband Freedom! As a homeowner or tenant always consider what you can afford.

Do they put the customer first?

Ever noticed the difference in customer service before and after you sign up with a broadband provider? The quality of customer care drops when you switch from prospect to customer. Within weeks of signing up to a package, you come across a new deal with either more extras or a better price!

Our Answer: Absolutely! We leave flash limited offers to others. All our customers enjoy the same priced packages – whether it’s no contract or highspeed broadband.

Is it good value for money?

Plusnet offer the cheapest monthly deal. As long as you sign up for 18 months and want low broadband speeds of only 1.2mb. Cheapest, yes…best value for money? No! From our comparison chart, we can see that the other providers are around the same monthly price. Whilst contracts are 18 or 24 months long at a minimum. Ouch!

Sometimes broadband providers throw TV packages in with broadband.  Whilst these bundles may look appealing, we always advise customers to check the individual price of each element in the package first. This is a good way to see whether you’re really getting a saving or the poor end of a bad bargain.

Cheap monthly deals and packages with TV bundles often come with long term contracts and extras that shoot prices to extortionate levels.

Our Answer: At Broadband Freedom, we believe the power of choice in our competitive and flexible options bring value to every one of our customers.

Will I need a new phoneline or hardware?

Most broadband companies provide new routers. Some will give this free and others will charge. An additional cost can be added that you may know nothing about if an engineer needs to install your broadband.

Whether you need a landline depends on the type of internet and the provider you choose. It’s better to assume that you do need a new phoneline, as this is a given for most providers.

Our Answer: Broadband Freedom can help you get no contract broadband without a landline. We know… we’re showing off now!

Can they test my internet speed?

Nearly all providers can run a test to check your internet speed. Of course, they need to know which broadband is available at your property to do the right test.

Our Answer: Broadband Freedom offer three options of Broadband suitable for any property. To find out which of the three we can provide for you, click here.

Our Advice

We believe the best option in all circumstances is PAYG Broadband. If you prefer a contract, that’s okay too! But we suggest you really look into the deal to make sure you’re absolutely sure it’s right for you. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of a 24-month contract that includes: broadband, line rental and TV packages at ridiculous prices.

You want a Broadband provider that offers the full package: competitive prices, zero contract flexible options and great customer care. The question is, which provider is right for you?

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