Broadband Call Packages

Our cheap broadband packages offer free extras for all customers to enjoy for as long as you stay with us! So, what are these free extras?

100 FREE minutes PER MONTH for landline or mobile calls, included on all of our broadband packages: 

  • Unlimited
  • Home Fibre Broadband
  • Fibre Plus
  • Home Fibre Plus Super-Fast. 

In addition, the offer is NOT subject to contract length.


Sign up for a broadband call package for 24 months, 18 months, 12 months, 6 months, or even no-contract broadband. Then, we’ll add 100 FREE minutes to your phone bundle.

Sound good? Of course it does!

Before you check out what our phone bundles have to offer, click here to see the full details of our Call Pricing, Set Up Fees, Call Billing, Call Features, Call Periods, and other Call Information.

90% Savings on Your Monthly Pay as You Go

Save up to 90% of the costs you pay for monthly pay-as-you-go with our local and national phone bundles. In our packages here at Broadband Freedom, the rates remain the same whether you use a landline or mobile to make local or national calls. If you need an explanation of the difference between local and national, then you’ll find it in our Call Pricing page linked above.

100 + 100 Minutes = £3.00

300 + 100 Minutes = £5.00

500 + 100 Minutes = £7.00

*Line rentals are always included in the monthly broadband price.

Generous International Call Rates – 45 Countries Included

Do you have loved ones overseas and love to catch up regularly? When a social media message just won’t do, we can help. International calls can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Our International Call Bundles starts at only £3 per month and 45 countries are included in the bundle and, as a result, you no longer need to miss that call!

Wherever they may be, Broadband Freedom has made things a little easier for you! And you don’t have to worry because with, Broadband Freedom, there are no hidden charges to apply here, in our packages or otherwise. Make calls to your loved ones at any time of the day, whenever suits you best! And be sure to savour those 90% average, cherry-on-top savings, on all of your cheap international calls.

100 International Minutes = £3.00

300 International Minutes = £7.00                  These rates apply to the countries and regions below.

500 International Minutes = £12.00

Argentina Cyprus Iceland Netherlands South Africa
Australia Denmark India New Zealand South Korea
Azores Estonia Ireland Norway Spain
Belgium France Israel Peru Sweden
Canada Germany Italy Poland Switzerland
Canary Islands Greece Luxembourg Portugal Taiwan
China Guam Madeira Puerto Rico Turkey
Costa Rica Hong Kong Mexico Singapore U.S.A
Croatia Hungary Morocco Slovenia U.S. Virgin Islands

With such generous international call rates for more than 45 countries and regions, 90% savings on what you would be charged for a pay-as-you-go, and cheap broadband call packages that include 100 free minutes and line rental… we can’t blame you for wanting to join Broadband Freedom above all else.  

Finally, for help on how to switch Broadband providers check out our guide here. (Pssst! We think you’ve made the right call!). 

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