How to Switch Broadband Provider


You’re most likely interested in switching your current provider and joining a legion of happy customers with Broadband Freedom. In this guide we will walk you through the process of switching broadband provider. Step-by-step, at your own pace, we’re always on hand to help!

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Step 1 – Check you can switch your Broadband Provider

Minimum Contract Term

It’s common for many customers to want to switch their broadband provider at the end of their contract. You might not know when your contract ends. You can call your current provider for this information, and they must legally provide this upon request.

There are several instances when you can terminate a contract. The first is after your minimum contract term has expired. This means the initial 12, 18, 24 months (or any other amount of time you signed up to the provider) has passed. If you try to terminate a contract early, this will incur a cancellation fee. Sometimes, these can be very expensive, which is why we advise you to really consider your circumstances when choosing a broadband deal. 

Cooling Off Period (otherwise known as Transfer Period)

You might find after some price comparisons you’ve signed up to the wrong broadband provider.

*Dun, dun, dunnn*

Don’t sweat! You’re well within your rights to switch broadband provider within the 14-day cooling off period. Broadband providers know this period as the “Transfer Period”. They must give you an opportunity to change your mind, without charging you a penalty, and they must have procedures in place to let you exercise this right.

Procedures include telephone, e-mail, and post. Your new provider should inform you of the cooling off period, its duration, and the procedures you must follow if you choose to change your mind and go with another provider. This is known as a notification letter and should include:

  • the date of the letter
  • all services that will be transferred
  • a reasonable estimate of when they expect to have fully migrated your service
  • the customer’s right to terminate the contract during the cooling off period 

Price Hikes

Many broadband providers will increase prices every year. They must give you notice of the rise in price, and you have the right to cancel your contract up to 30 days afterwards. So, if you’re unhappy with an element of your service or just want a more affordable, flexible service, you are free to check out better deals.

A word of caution: if you choose to do this, your old provider must provide a letter, which must include:

  • an explanation that the transfer will take effect on the Migration Date and no contact from the customer is required to cancel the existing service
  • an explanation about the final bill which the customer will receive after the transfer
  • any impact the transfer may have on the prices of any services you keep with the old provider (e.g., TV Bundles)

Usually, early termination fees are also listed in this letter. But early cancellation fees should not be applied if your current provider has hiked the prices.

Step 2 – Choose A Better Deal for You

You can find a few price comparisons on our website. Our broadband deals include comprehensive lists and price comparisons between ourselves and our competitors. We also breakdown our phone bundles and call pricing models to help you make the best decision for you.

Of course, we would also suggest that you check out third party online comparison services. Practice caution when checking out some of the deals shown on them. Some broadband providers try to entice new customers into flash sales. At Broadband Freedom, we like to treat all of our current, new and soon-to-be customers equally. We leave flash sales and unsustainable price models to others.

Similarly, you need to make sure you’re getting the best out of a great deal. Some properties do not have access to networks that offer high speed broadband. Lots of progress is being made to upgrade millions of households to the fastest fibre broadband.

If you like the look of our broadband deals, please make sure you check out your local internet speed. You can check whether our fastest broadband is available to your property using our speed checker.

Step 3 – Contact your New Provider

Should it be us, you’ll never look back! We’re on call to answer any questions you may have. We understand that the process of switching broadband provider can be daunting. Especially when you’re moving house or never had broadband before.

The good news is Broadband Freedom will do it all for you from here. Just pick up the phone, let us know you want to come with us, we’ll contact your current provider and begin the transfer. As we mentioned above, you will receive a dated letter that explains what services you are switching over to us, the cooling off period and when we think your transfer to us will be complete. 

Step 4 – Relax (Unless you have to contact your old provider…)

If your current/old provider uses OpenReach Telecoms network (BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk) we will arrange the switch on your behalf. During this process (known as Simultaneous Transfers) your current/old provider should not contact you for marketing purposes after we (Broadband Freedom) and them (your current provider) has initiated the migration process. Essentially, they cannot try to offer you a better deal to entice you to stay with them when the transfer is already taking place.

If your current provider uses their own separate network (e.g., Virgin Media) you will need to contact them to cease your service before you join with us (known as cease and re-provide). You will need to let us know when you’ve done this so we can arrange to install your new broadband service.

And that’s it! Switching your broadband provider couldn’t be easier with us!

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