12 Month Contract

Broadband Freedom offers a variety of cheap 12 month contract fibre broadband that comes in three options: Unlimited Broadband, Home Fibre Broadband and Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast. 

Be sure to check out our comparison page (if you haven’t done so already) where we share some of the latest deals by our competitors, alongside the most common questions asked by customers.

As always, we like to remind all newcomers and current customers to Broadband Freedom to check their internet speed when joining or upgrading with us. You can use our checker to test your local internet speed and make the choice that’s best for your 12-month deal with us.  


Even our Unlimited Broadband that relies on ADSL technology beats the speeds of similar packages offered by our competitors. As you can see below in our summary, PlusNet Unlimited Broadband reaches just over half the speed that we offer.  

With a 12 month contract, you might want to upgrade your property to fibre broadband. This will depend on several factors. You will need to get your landlord’s permission before we can make any alterations to the property. Homeowners who have checked the local internet speed and know for sure that faster broadband is available in their area may want to check out our other deals below.

To put what Unlimited Broadband can offer into perspective; it works best for households with 1-2 people. You can browse the internet whilst another person is using the house phone (although it’s not compulsory to have a house phone with our Broadband packages).  We do, however, include line rental in all of our Unlimited Broadband packages. Check out our Guide to Broadband Without Phones for more information about ADSL and phonelines.

Unlimited Broadband offers reliable, high-quality connections to households with fewer devices. Netflix recommends 3Mbps for SD quality and 5Mbps for HD. With average speeds of 16Mpbs, Unlimited Broadband will work perfectly fine if you’re watching a movie on Netflix and someone else in your household is using a desktop to browse the web.


BROADBAND FREEDOM £24.00 p/mo + installation cost £337.00
PLUSNET £18.99 p/mo + £10.00 installation cost

Increases after initial 12 month contract to £32.88 p/mo to a total cost of




*August 2021


You will notice that our comparisons from now on are up against 18 month contracts. The biggest broadband providers can only offer packages with similar speeds at much lower prices for longer term contracts. In fact, you can see for yourself if you look up 12 month broadband contracts online. They usually market these deals to students only.

Happen to be a student? Check out our A Guide to Cheap, Zero-Contract Fibre Broadband. We offer excellent 1 month rolling contracts that don’t tie you down. The last thing you want to do is continue to pay for broadband when you’re no longer at the property. Most students don’t spend 12 months in rented accommodation. Plus, if your landlord’s property needs upgrades to accommodate faster fibre broadband, you will need to get their permission for our engineers to make any alterations.

Perhaps you are a tenant who has lived in a property for 6 months. You’ve signed up to a new 12 month tenancy and your landlord has agreed to let you upgrade their property so that you can have fibre broadband. You look online for 12 month broadband deals. Unfortunately, all of the leading providers will only offer 18 month contracts, whereas we offer contracts for 1, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months.

That’s where Broadband Freedom comes in…


BROADBAND FREEDOM £33.99 p/mo + installation cost £456.88
VIRGIN £38.00 p/mo x 18 months** £684.00


BROADBAND FREEDOM 36Mbps, up to 40Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of 10Mbps
VIRGIN 35Mbps, up to 35Mpbs download speeds and upload speeds of 10Mbps

*August 2021

**Virgin’s offer is only available on 18 month contracts at the time of writing*

With average speeds of 35Mbps, you can stream Netflix in 4K and play online games until your heart’s content!

Try our internet speed test and see how you can benefit from Broadband Freedom.


For serious streamers, home-based entrepreneurs and gaming fanatics. Our Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast package is essential for households that keep broadband busy. One of the biggest broadband providers offers a package with similar speeds and are £4.93 cheaper. However, they can only offer that small difference with a further 6 months added to the contract.

See below…


BROADBAND FREEDOM £39.99 p/mo + installation cost £528.88
SKY £28.00 p/mo* + £19.95 installation cost £523.95

*Sky’s offer is only available on an 18 month contract at the time of writing*


BROADBAND FREEDOM 63Mbps, up to 80Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of 20Mbps
SKY 59Mbps average download speeds & upload speeds of 16Mbps

*August 2021

Although you may be able to get faster packages, with cheaper installation costs and TV bundles thrown in, we can almost guarantee you that other broadband providers won’t match our flexible and cheap broadband deals.

Why get bogged down in a contract that isn’t right for your circumstances? At Broadband Freedom we believe that choice brings value to our customers. Our 12 month contracts also include 100 FREE minutes PER MONTH for either landline or mobile, a free router and line rental is also included. In fact, you should check out our call bundles and honest call pricing.

Still not sure whether you want to give up those TV bundles? Check out our 24 month page where we explore whether TV bundles are actually bringing value to you as a customer, or if it’s just a ploy by other providers to entice you into deals that are subject to:

  1. Price hikes
  2. Limited flash deals
  3. Indifferent customer service

Ready for Freedom?

All of our contracts can be renewed at the end of the term for 1, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months – OR – cancelled at the end of the contract. But we can guarantee that our stable prices, great customer service and excellent packages will keep you coming back for more!

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