24 Month Contract

Broadband Freedom rewards all our customers with free 100 minutes to either landline or mobile , include line rental in all of our packages and keep our call rates competitive . Most of our competitors use TV bundles to entice new customers into long term contracts. Once you’re tied to them for two years, sudden price hikes occur, the service gets worse, and you spot a new deal by the provider that’s twice as better for half the contract period.

You feel like kicking yourself.

But not to worry…because when you’re with Broadband Freedom, these are the only things that get a kick: 1) price hikes 2) flash limited offers 3) poor customer service and care.

We reward loyalty with all our customers. But for those of you who choose to stay with us for a jaw dropping 24-months, how can we not repay you? All our 24 month contract customers receive FREE installation costs on top of the cheapest rates on the market. Check out our comparison page for our competitors’ latest deals and answers to your most pressing questions.

If you’ve been looking through our 6, 12 and 18 month cheap broadband deals, chances are you’re familiar with our three broadband options: Unlimited Broadband; Home Fibre Broadband and Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast. But just in case you haven’t, we’ve included a summary of price comparisons and averages speeds for each of our available broadband packages.

We suggest reading our 6 month or 18 month contract guides for more details on Unlimited Broadband and Home Fibre Broadband. 

And as always, an obligatory reminder to use our checker to test your internet speeds. We want you to make an informed decision to get the best experience out of our broadband packages.


It’s unlikely that you want to sign up to one of our 24 month contract packages from the get-go. Unless, of course, you’re already a customer with Broadband Freedom, who has enjoyed our service so much that you’re going to stick around. Maybe you’ve been recommended to us or tried our service as a tenant and now you’re a proud homeowner. (Yippee!)

 We think that a 24 month contract should pair with Home Fibre Broadband or Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast. The reason for this is due to our Unlimited Broadband’s dependence on ADSL technology (see here for more info). Of course, we won’t object if you think Unlimited Broadband is the right package for your circumstances, you’ve read the information we’ve provided and you’re happy to crack on.

If you’re a homeowner with more than 2 people in your household and use multiple devices for different things, we advise you to pick either Home Fibre Broadband or Home Fibre Plus (Super-Fast).

Here’s a summary of price and speed comparisons:


BROADBAND FREEDOM £24.00 p/mo +free installation £576.00
EE £23.50 p/mo +£10 installation cost
Increases after initial 24 month contract to £32.00p/mo

Average speeds:

EE 10Mbps

*August 2021


Our 24 month Home Fibre Broadband has average speeds of up to 36Mbps, 40Mbps downloads and 10Mbps upload speeds. Households of 3 – 4 get ready for a fast and reliable service, fully capable of meeting broadband demands throughout the day. Settle down on the couch for the night and stream the latest blockbuster in 4K. Home Fibre Broadband can even meet all your online gaming needs (3-6Mbps) whilst others in your household stream movies, videos, and music. 


BROADBAND FREEDOM £29.99 p/mo +free installation £719.76
BT £28.99 p/mo + £9.99 installation
Increases after initial 24 month contract to £37.99p/mo

Average speeds:

BT 50Mbps

*August 2021


For serious streamers, homebased entrepreneurs, and gaming fanatics, the Home Fibre Plus – Super boasts average speeds of up to 63Mbps, 80Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps uploads.

Let’s crack on with some comparisons:

*Virgin and Sky were only offering 18-month contracts at the time of writing*


BROADBAND FREEDOM £33.99 p/mo +free installation £815.76
VIRGIN £33.00 p/mo + no installation cost
Increases after initial 18 month contract to £56.00 p/mo
SKY £39.00 p/mo + £29.95 installation cost
Prices may change during 18 month period and could be as high as £72 a year

*Virgin Media usually charge £35.00 installation costs*

Average speeds:

SKY 59Mbps

*August 2021

Our 24 month broadband deal not only beats both the average speeds of Virgin and Sky, it’s much cheaper! Since Sky could increase its price by an extra £72.00 a year, we need to add £6.00 a month to its current Super-Fast Broadband package.

£39.00 + £6.00 = £45.00 x 24-months = £1,080.00.

At Broadband Freedom we understand everyone has different tastes. You might be thinking “But Sky and Virgin offer TV bundles!”


But have you ever checked out to see if those TV and Broadband deals work out cheaper when they’re not packaged? Or noticed the price increase when your initial contract is over? Plus, streaming giants like Netflix are now expanding the quality and quantity of documentaries, movies and shows. Smart TVs include apps where you can stream football. Consoles include BBC, Now TV (for all the best and latest Atlantic shows) and Disney.

You want to avoid repeats and TV bundles that have your interests on the packet, only what’s inside are programmes that have nothing to do with the channels. More and more people have Smart TVs, consoles, and streaming giants at their fingertips. You have the freedom to choose what you want to watch and when.

Ready for Freedom?

All our contracts can be renewed at the end of the term for 1, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months – OR – cancelled at the end of the contract.  

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