18 Month Contract Broadband

Broadband Freedom offers a selection of cheap 18-month contract broadband. All of our 6, 18, and 24 month broadband contracts come with three options: Unlimited Broadband; Home Fibre Broadband, and Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast. We will guide you through each one and what they have to offer, and which best suits your needs.

To see whether a contract or no contract is right for you check our Guide to Cheap Zero Contract Fibre Broadband. We also advise you to read through our comparison page (if you haven’t done so already) for the latest deals offered by our competitors and answers to the most common questions asked by our customers.

Plus, a friendly reminder to use our checker to test your local internet speed. That way you can make an informed decision as to which of our cheap 18-month broadband contracts is best suited to you.


All of our Unlimited Broadband packages operate on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology. It’s usually quick and easy to set up and is the most cost-effective option in areas with little to no cable coverage.

Even if your property is in an area where the fastest broadband is available, you might still consider ADSL depending on your circumstances. It provides a reliable and high-quality connection for households browsing the web or using streaming services such as Netflix. In fact, with average speeds of 16Mbps, our Unlimited Broadband packages are well above Netflix’s recommended 3Mbps for SD quality and 5Mbps for HD.  

What’s more, we include line rental in all of our Unlimited Broadband packages. However, this does not mean you need an active house phone. Check out our Guide to Broadband Without Phones for more information about ADSL and phone lines.

Just a quick note – in the guide we claim ADSL is outdated and slow – it is for households with multiple devices being used at once for different reasons. Naturally, demands such as this call for a high bandwidth.

But if you want to use broadband for streaming HD videos and browsing the web at super low costs, ADSL is a great choice for households with 1-2 people. Plus, even if you do use a house phone, you can take a call whilst the other person is surfing the web!


Broadband Freedom £24.00 p/mo + £25.00 installation cost £457.00
Sky £30.00 p/mo + £9.95 installation cost £549.95
PlusNet £18.95 p/mo + no installation cost =

(increases after the initial 18 month contract to):- £32.88 p/mo to a total cost of



Broadband Freedom Average speeds 16Mbps
Sky Average speeds 11Mbps
PlusNet Average speeds 10Mbps

*August 2021


Our cheap 18 month Contract Broadband is ideal for family homes. With average speeds of up to 36Mbps, 40Mbps downloads and 10Mbps upload speeds, a household of 3 – 4 can expect a reliable service to keep up with different demands throughout the day. So, you can settle down on the couch for the night and stream the latest blockbuster, whilst the kids are gaming upstairs.

As mentioned already, Netflix recommends 3Mbps for standard definition or 5Mbps for HD. Our Home Fibre Broadband can even accommodate online gaming (3-6Mbps) AND 4K Netflix streaming at the same time…

Remember! It’s best to check your local internet speed with our checker before jumping into this amazing deal. Also, tenants must ask for their landlord’s permission for us to carry out any necessary intrusive works. All good? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and compare prices to just one of our competitors.

Just as we promise on our Broadband Comparison page, at Broadband Freedom we leave flash limited offers to others. We don’t feel the need to lure new customers into unsustainable deals. We value new and current customers and provide a service that’s reflected in our pricing models: honest and consistent across the board.   

You can always switch to another broadband company at the end of your contract. If you want to avoid the hassle of dodging price hikes and hunting for new deals, however, Broadband Freedom is the ideal provider for you.


Broadband Freedom £33.99 p/mo + £25.00 installation cost £636.82
PlusNet £18.95 p/mo + no installation cost
(increases after the initial 18 month contract to):- £38.20 p/mo to a total cost of
Virgin £33.00 p/mo + no installation cost
(increases after initial 18 month contract to):- £62.00 p/mo to a total cost of =

*Virgin Media usually charge £35.00 installation costs*


Broadband Freedom Average speeds 36Mbps
PlusNet Average speeds 36Mbps
Virgin Average speeds 54Mbps

*August 2021


For serious streamers, home-based entrepreneurs, and gaming fanatics, our Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast package is essential for households that keep broadband busy. With average speeds of up to 63Mbps, 80Mbps for download speeds, and 20Mbps for uploads, it is easily capable of keeping quick and stable connections to multiple devices at once.        

Our fastest broadband available is where we really shine. Most of our competitors can only outprice us by tying you into 24-month contracts. At Broadband Freedom we understand everyone has different circumstances. This is why we maintain consistent pricing models; from our 1 month rolling plans to 18-month contracts.

Let’s crack on with some comparisons:


Broadband Freedom £39.99 p/mo + £25.00 installation cost £744.82
Virgin £44.00 p/mo + no installation cost £792.00 (no phone line)
Sky £28.00 p/mo + £19.95 installation cost £523.95 (price may change)

*Virgin Media usually charge £35.00 installation costs*


Broadband Freedom Average speeds 63Mbps (average speed)
Virgin Average speeds 108Mbps
Sky Average speeds 59Mbps

*August 2021

At the time of writing, Sky offered an 18 month fibre broad deal for £28.00 per month with average speeds of up to 59Mbps. Whilst we beat the speed, we don’t match the price. You’re probably thinking – hold on – a broadband company that is actually being honest.

That still might not have been enough to deter you from going with Sky. But we need to consider a few things. Firstly, Sky’s deal states that their price may change during the contract. Why? Most likely because they cannot afford quality broadband at unsustainable prices and will try to recover some costs later down the line.

You may also have noticed that Virgin Media beats our speed. True! However, the package we looked at didn’t include a phone line. Did we mention…?

That our 18 month Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast and the rest of all our packages come with 100 FREE minutes PER MONTH to either mobiles or landlines, a free router and line rentals included?

Ready for Freedom?

All of our contracts can be renewed at the end of the term for 1, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months  – OR – cancelled at the end of the contract. But we can almost guarantee that our stable prices, great customer service, and excellent packages will keep you coming back for more!

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