What is 5G?

Technology revolution is nearly here

It’s an exciting time for broadband providers. We’re caught in the midst of a technological revolution – one that will see customers enjoy faster, more reliable broadband that’s better value for money. The UK is prepping up for a full-fibre future. Leading network builders are phasing out older technologies and mega-merger VMO2 announced a major boost to fibre networks.

There must be something in the water

Well, it’s only fair that your trusty mobile phone gets in on some of the action. In this guide, we’ll look at what 5G is and its features. We’ll give you all the information you need to get your hands on 5G. Lastly, we’ll finish off with a little look at what 5G means for our future and its effect on your mobile broadband. We’ll finish off with how to get your hands on 5G for mobile and home broadband.

Word of warning: we’re not heading for a future dystopia but we’re certainly teetering on the edge of sci-fi. Some of this might blow your mind!

 What is 5G?

The latest global wireless standard. 5G is the short version of what is known as the 5th Generation, an upgrade to previous renditions of mobile networks. The 2000’s witnessed the advent of 3G, responsible for smartphones and increased mobile data. 4G entered the fray for mobile network supremacy in the 2010s. Advancements in mobile broadband ushered in faster browsing and streaming whilst on the go.

Now we can expect a new network that’s capable of connecting practically everything together. Almost a mesh network that shares a consistent air interface. More people and more devices than ever will be able to access a superior ecosystem.

A mass rollout of 5G-ready devices is already happening. Plus, major UK mobile networks have launched 5G services, meaning next-generation user experiences will soon reshape both your personal and private lives.   

How do I get it?

First, you need to get your hands on a 5G-ready device. Phones include OnePlus 9 range, iPhone12 range and various Samsung Galaxy ranges. Secondly, get the right plan. You can get 5G sim only plans with BT Mobile, EE, Sky Mobile, Three, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, O2 and more.   

How do I get 5G Home Broadband?

This technology has yet to do the full rounds. Truth be told, 5G home broadband is in its infancy. You need to use an online postcode checker to see if it’s available to you. In fact, many industry experts suspect that the race between the full fibre rollout and 5G coverage is on. Many households may be able to switch to 5G for their home internet.

With the rollout of 5G home broadband devices, people no longer need to rely on portable battery-powered devices in the home. Home devices are simply plugged in. That’s not all! With a mesh network strengthened by connectivity, (more on that below!) the 5G mobile network is perfect for remote working. Meaning you can seamlessly work from home or in the office or anywhere in between without high latency. 

It seems in the near future broadband customers will be spoilt for choice. Next-generation connectivity may result in cheaper broadband prices. Now, we’re not saying prices will drop per se, but the value for money will be greater. Think of it this way; you might be paying top dollar for a fairly reliable, reasonably fast broadband, but the connection drops every now and then. Or you’re restricted to a select number of devices operating on the network at one time. With 5G and full-fibre, these problems will be yesterday’s chip paper.

What will it do?

5G will revolutionise how the most basic fundamentals in our society work. You’ll certainly see the benefit of 5G in your home. Imagine ultra-reliable, ridiculously fast mobile broadband, supported by full-fibre digital infrastructures. 5G holds a greater capacity for traffic. In comparison to 4G, it improves network efficiency, with some tech outlets suggesting a 100x improvement from the last generation.

The wireless 5G technology will catapult us into a new stratosphere of mobile broadband. Superior broadband speed is just the tip of the ice burg. Even though data speeds will reach multi-Gbps peaks, lower latency means fewer information delays across networks. Say goodbye to stuttering online games and freezing zoom calls.  

What are the capabilities?

5G aims to connect people, machines and industries. According to Ofcom, a local UK council used lamp posts to set up nodes on a mesh-like network. Its purpose is to help social care patients by connecting them to their families via virtual reality.

Everybody knows about the crypto craze. Enter Helium, dubbed by its creators as the “people’s network”. American television provider DISH recently announced a new partnership with Helium. As part of the collaboration, DISH has ordered 250,000 hotspots and a major carrier.

In the UK we’re seeing more people buy Helium-compatible hardware and set them up in their homes. The 5G-powered decentralised internet network is also set to revolutionise multiple sectors. These include not only healthcare but agriculture, sustainability, education and city management.

Autonomous machines using video sensors to hunt pests and spray stimulants? Nope, it’s not war of the worlds. Just 5G powered farming machines, applying pesticides and fertilisers maximise crop yields.

Think ‘smart ambulance’ (already being trialled). Or drones whizzing between buildings to drop off essential medical supplies at the site of an accident. Sensors that give early warnings of impending natural disasters. Or new sensory inputs – like touch – experienced through devices.

On top of digitalising logistics, making transportation safer, and reducing carbon emissions with smarter electricity grids? 5G is set to transform our future by delivering innovative solutions to global problems.

Anyone Else’s Mind Blown?

Exciting times! We like the sound of wider bandwidths, low latency, more value for money, a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Our services can only get better and better with new tech and compatible hardware. All that equates to more freedom for our customers.

See you on the other side of the near-future!

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