Yes, we are a direct Broadband provider and work with HomeTelecom/Global 4 Communications to provide this service to our customers.
We can provide broadband for most of the UK, please click here to use our internet speed test to find out what broadband packages we can provide at your address.
Each of our different types of broadband services have a different cost which depends on how long you want your terms to be i.e., 1 month rolling no contract, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months.

Installation costs can be free of charge, however, for some packages there is a charge, such as for the 1 month rolling no contract broadband packages.

All our Broadband deals come with a FREE router that will need to be returned at the end of your contract if you choose not to renew.

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No, all Broadband Freedom customers get the same price, new or existing.
With Broadband Freedom, your credit history doesn’t matter. There are no credit checks on our broadband packages no matter what your credit score. Even if you are bankrupt, we will provide you with broadband.
Broadband speed is measured on upload and download speed, often seen as Mbs (megabits per second) and shown as the average speed you will get. All our Broadband packages have different speeds and are suitable for a wide number of different types of households:
  • Unlimited Broadband – 20Mbs download, with an average download speed of 16Mbs. 10Mbs upload.
  • Home Fibre Broadband – 40Mbs download, with an average download speed of 36Mbs. 10Mbs upload
  • Fibre Plus Broadband – 80Mbs download, with an average download speed of 64Mbs. 20Mbs upload.
This refers to how long you want to take out your broadband package. Most broadband companies want to tie their customers into 18 or 24 month contracts that can work out to be expensive over a period of time.

With Broadband Freedom, we let you choose how long you want your broadband for. All our packages come with rolling monthly contracts or alternatively you can take out our broadband with fixed term monthly terms of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

Unlike our competitors, ALL our customers get the same price, existing and new customers. We focus our attention on offering all of our customers a good service.
Yes, with some of our Broadband packages your property will need to have a landline. There isn’t any extra cost, as our packages all include Line Rental. Having a landline with some of the packages allows you to have Broadband, as an active line is required for these services. When you sign up with Broadband Freedom, we will need to take over this line from your previous provider, or alternatively we can arrange to have one installed should you need one.

Some of our newer packages can provide Broadband without phone line.
Yes, you have a cooling off period when you first sign up for your new Broadband, in which you can cancel with no charge. After this period, and before your agreement ends, if you wish to cancel there may be a cancellation fee.

This is why we offer so many different terms to our customers – to give them the option to not have to be tied into a long term contracts, when they may only need a supply for 6 or 12 months.

When deciding on your Broadband term, look at our no contract broadband option, as well as the other terms before deciding which is the best one for your needs.
Yes, all our packages come with a FREE router. We do offer the ability to get an enhanced Dual Band router when you place your order for £50 that increases the signal and strength of your wi-fi. If you upgrade to this option, you will get to keep the router even if you leave.
Yes, please call 01403 220263 for Customer Service.
It normally takes around 2 weeks to set up your new Broadband. The length of time it takes varies, depending on whether we are arranging to transfer you from another provider and if we need to send an engineer to your property. You will normally have a start date within 3-4 days of submitting your order. For a small fee when submitting your application, we can process your order sooner and get you a new start date within a few hours.

As soon as your order is submitted, you will be sent a welcome pack from HomeTelecom. When we have your estimated live date, our Service Delivery team will contact you, usually via a text and email.
Yes, we can. As we provide no contract broadband, no matter how long or short you’re a renting a property we can help. Depending on the type of Broadband package you want, you may need permission from your landlord to install the Broadband. In most cases, our basic Unlimited Broadband will be accessible in most homes.
It doesn’t. Our packages come with no hidden fees or charges.

All our advertised prices are what both new and existing customers pay.
Our customers benefit from our call package that comes with all our Broadband Packages which includes 100 FREE minutes of calls. For more details, please see our page about call packages and call pricing to set up one of our packages.

Our standard tariff after the FREE 100 minutes is 10p per minute on the Unlimited Broadband, 10p per second on the Home Fibre and Home Fibre Plus.
This depends on the type of Broadband package you have requested and your existing set up at home. If you have a pre-existing line, we will be able to perform a remote installation and not need to visit your property.

If you need a new line or fibre connected to your property, then we will need to visit your home to install these.
Your router will be sent to you in the post and arrive before your go-live date and you will receive a text message the night before your go live date, reminding you it is happening.
If your existing phone line is with the Openreach network / BT, you will be able to keep your existing phone number. However, if your current phoneline is with Sky or Virgin, we will need to provide you with a new home phone number.