6 Month Contract

Broadband Freedom offers a selection of cheap 6 month broadband deals perfect for short term tenancies and student homes. Our 6, 18 and 24 month broadband packages come in three options: Unlimited Broadband; Home Fibre Broadband and Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast. So, we’ll go through what each of these has to offer and see which best suits your circumstances!

Check our Guide to Cheap Zero Contract Fibre Broadband to see if 6 month or a 1 month rolling contract is right for you. In order to get the full picture of whether a 6 month contract is for you, we recommend that you check out the ‘How Long do I want the Broadband?’ section on our comparison page (if you haven’t done so already).

Please use our checker to test your local speed before you choose any of our three packages. We want all of our customers – whether they’re with us for 6 or 18 months – to get the most out of the Broadband services we provide.


The Unlimited Broadband packages rely on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology and are the perfect combination for our customers who have short term tenancies. Quick and easy to set up, they are the most cost-effective and are unlikely to come with issues that fibre may come with e.g., having to get the landlord’s permission to alter the premises if your property is currently connected via FTTC. For more information on whether this will apply to you, check out our Guide to Broadband Installation.

Line rental is also included in the Unlimited Broadband package. Our Guide to Broadband Without Phones will help you decide whether you want or even need an active house phone.

A reliable and high-quality connection is a must for every household. At Broadband Freedom we understand that every one of our customers has their own circumstances. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes those circumstances are beyond their control. It’s common for many landlords to trial new tenants on a 6 month tenancy, even if the tenant plans to stay in the property for several years. However, many of our competitors do not offer 6 month deals.

In fact, none of our competitors offered similar 6 month deals at the time of writing:


Broadband Freedom £24 p/mo + £69.00 installation fee £213


Broadband Freedom Average speeds 16Mbps

*August 2021

If you’ve just moved into a property that is currently connected to the network via ASDL, the landlord won’t give you permission to alter the property to upgrade to a faster broadband package, and you’ve been offered a 6 month tenancy only, don’t fret!

As can be seen, our Unlimited Broadband Packages have average speeds of up to 16Mbps. Just perfect for households with 1-2 people. You can browse the web while someone else is on the house phone, and easily stream your favourite movies and shows in HD!


You might like the sound of our 6 month Unlimited Broadband.

The only problem is, for instance, when you have a family of four and are in the middle of buying a house. All of a sudden, something goes wrong! The deal falls through and you’ve got no choice but to temporarily rent out a property. You reckon 6 months is enough to find the perfect forever home for your family.

You sign up for a shorthold so that, in the meantime, the kids have a roof over their head for 6 months. In addition, you and your partner have a base of operation to hound the best properties on the market. But then, your Unlimited Broadband crashes.

What went wrong?

Well, basically, you and your partner were searching for houses on two different devices. Meanwhile, one of your kids was streaming music whilst online gaming. The other was watching Netflix while simultaneously flicking through social media…

So the broadband buckled. While you might like the sound of our 6 month Unlimited Broadband, it might not be what’s best for you. Obviously a 6 month contract is ideal when your situation is temporary! But you need to factor in your circumstances and luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Enter our competitive 6 month Home Fibre Broadband. Perfect and ideal for households of up to 3 to 4 people. We’re talking averages of 36Mbps, 40Mbps downloads and upload speeds of 10Mbps. So, let’s put that in perspective. Our Home Fibre Broadband provides a speedy and reliable connection for online gaming (3-6Mbps) AND 4K Netflix streaming at the same time as you’re surfing the web for your dream home. Catering specifically to a semi-busy household where you just want to get things done!

Firstly, for us to deliver this excellent service, you need to do one thing: use our checker to make sure your internet speed is up to the task.

Oh! You must also check if our engineers will need to alter the property in order to let your landlord know. In reality, your landlord probably would have already done the necessary work to accommodate fibre broadband for a previous tenant. But it doesn’t hurt to check! Don’t worry, we can advise you on the call before you commit to anything.

What do you know…none of our competitors offered similar 6 month deals at the time of writing.


BROADBAND FREEDOM £33.00 p/mo +£69.00 installation costs £272.94


BROADBAND FREEDOM Average speeds 36Mbps

*August 2021


Now, the 6 month Home Fibre Broadband is certainly ideal for a lot of people. But again, your circumstances might be different. Perhaps you’re a freelancer who regularly moves around the country and whose work demand bigger bandwidths. Furthermore, your new apartment is in a prime location. It has fibre broadband, too, and you know after using our speed checker that you can get broadband speeds that won’t slow you down.

But you’re looking for something extra. Something super. Something fast! 

Our Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast package is essential for households that keep broadband busy. Particularly for professionals on the go or students whose work demand bigger bandwidths. Whoosh ahead with speeds of up to 63Mbps, download cumbersome PDFs with 80Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps submit work quickly to clients and tutors with 20Mbps upload speeds.

At the time of writing, BT Internet was offering BT Infinity for FREE for 6 months. However, at month seven, the cost increases to £15.00 a month and the rest of an 18-month contract applies. Plus, a line rental of £16.99 (or £13.23 if paid in advance) is also required. As a result you would be paying £15 + £16.99 (£31.99) a month for an entire year after you’ve moved out of the property. Either that, or pay the costs upfront for terminating the contract early.

The grand total of which would be £383.88!


Broadband Freedom £39.99 p/mo +£69.00 installation cost £308.94
BT Internet £15.00 p/mo (at month 7) + £16.99 line rental £383.88


Broadband Freedom 63Mbps (average speed)
80Mbps (download speed)
20Mbps (upload speed)
BT Internet Average speed not specified
38Mbps (download speed)
9.5Mbps (upload speed)

*August 2021

Did we mention…?

Our 6 month Home Fibre Plus – Super Fast and the rest of our packages come with 100 FREE minutes PER MONTH to either mobiles or landlines, a free router and line rental included? 

Ready for Freedom?

All of our contracts can be renewed at the end of the term for 1, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months – OR – cancelled at the end of the contract.

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