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Broadband with Phoneline

All of our call packages include broadband with a phone line. You need an active line for any reliable broadband service to supply broadband to your property. However, whether you have an active house phone on this line is completely up to you. Either way, we can set up a line rental to your property if needed.

You’ll want to see some rates before you decide whether our call packages are right for you. Luckily, we’ve got just what you need, together with some valuable information as a bonus. We’ll tell you vital information before we give you a full list of our calling rates. Let’s start with minimum charges!

Minimum Charge

Broadband Freedom will only charge you for actual calls made outside of the 100 free minutes you get with our broadband and call packages. Sometimes, other providers will add a minimum charge to your calls, often when it costs less than their minimum fee. A “Call Set Up Fee” is added on top of the pence per minute rate of your call.

Set Up Fees

Good news! Broadband Freedom leaves call setup fees to others. Most providers won’t tell you when signing up to their call packages about the extra charge they add on to “set up” your call. This charge is incurred the second your call is connected.

Broadband Freedom prides itself on honest and clear pricing models. You get what you see! You won’t get charged setup fees with our call packages and prices are subject to the rates we show below. All of our bundles are charged the same way. Whether you sign up to our 18 month broadband deals or no contract broadband, calls rates are the same for all of our valued customers.

Call Packages Pricing

It’s no secret that “Local” and “National” rates vary. The reason is simply down to geography simply because the country has been split into areas by BT. You get charged at local rate when you make a call to someone whose line is in the same area as yours and adjacent areas.

National rates are charged when you make a call to someone who is not in either of the specified areas mentioned above. So, if you call someone whose line is not in your area or next to it, you should expect to be charged at “National” rate.


Our competitive call bundles at Broadband Freedom also include 100 Free minutes each month on your landline (unless you choose to use them on your mobile).

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standart Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Local calls to UK landlines 10p 10p 10p
National calls to UK landlines 10p 10p 10p

Yes… that’s right! It doesn’t matter if you make a call to a family member down the road or in another region of the country, local and national rates are the same in our call packages!

Mobile Calls

Our competitive call bundles also include 100 Free minutes each month on your mobile (unless you choose to use them on landline).

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standart Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Vodafone Mobile10p 10p 10p
O2 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
T-Mobile 10p 10p 10p
3 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
Any other UK moobile 18p 18p 18p

International Calls

We understand the importance of international calls to many of our customers, so we keep call rates the same for all destinations below.

International Popular Standard Rate
Australia 20.00
Belgium 20.00
Canada 20.00
China 20.00
Cyprus 20.00
Denmark 20.00
Egypt 20.00
Federal Republic of Germany 20.00
France (Including Corsica) 20.00
Greece 20.00
Hong Kong 20.00
India 20.00
Ireland 20.00
Italy 20.00
Japan 20.00
Netherlands 20.00
New Zealand 20.00
Norway 20.00
Poland 20.00
Portugal 20.00
Russia 20.00
Saudi Arabia 28.080
Singapore 20.00
South Africa 20.00
Spain (Sp.N.Africa) 20.00
Sweden 20.00
Switzerland (Liechtenstein) 20.00
United Arab Emirates 30.480
USA 20.00

Billing for Call Packages 

Broadband Freedom is committed to help you save money for all customers who sign up to our broadband and call packages. On top of the MONTHLY 100 FREE minutes that you receive for landline or mobile, you’ll also pay for the calls you make. The latter may seem obvious, but most providers round up call duration to the nearest minute.

We promise that you won’t pay for a second more than what you used during a call. Most of our calls are billed to four decimal places. This ensures that we charge you accurately and fairly.

BT may charge a setup fee for special calls and directory enquiries charges may warrant an increase to the nearest minute. All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT and line rental charges are included in each of our broadband packages and are charged a month in advance. All of our calls and any charges related to BT are subject to arrears billing. 

For further information please contact our support at:

UK Non-Geographic Numbers & 0870

Mobile numbers or any other numbers that do not have a physical line are called non-geographic numbers. Any calls made to mobile numbers, Premium Rate Service Numbers or Number Translation Services will be charged, no matter where you are in the UK. Please note that Broadband Freedom does not price Premium Rate Service (PRS) or Number Translation Services (NTS).

PRS (Premium Rate Service)

As the name suggests, PRS numbers are quite expensive calls! The reason for this is due to the many services they offer, charges of which vary and largely depend on the service provider you’re calling. All PRS numbers begin with “09”. We advise you to contact any PRS provider before you dial that number. Some examples of Premium Rate Services include:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Charity donations
  • Chat services
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Directory Inquiries
  • Mobile games
  • 087 business information lines

Number Translation Services (NTS)

Initially used to allow callers to dial a local call irrespective of the location of the recipient, NTS helped people save money but is now considered a way of making money for most phone companies. Usually, NTS numbers begin with 08 and callers are often charged more for 08 numbers than 01, 02 or 03 (the latter is charged at national rate).

See below for Broadband Freedom’s prices on 0845 and 0870 numbers: 

UK Non-Geographic Standart Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
0845 (UKL) 10p 10p 10p
0870 (UKN) 10p 10p 10p
Other 08 numbersDependenton the serviceprovider

Call Features

All of our call packages include line rentals and 100 FREE minutes every month. This deal is also included in our no contract broadband deals! Other features of our call packages include:

  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail Plus: Give callers a personalised greeting and listen to their messages from another phone, wherever you are!
  • Call Waiting: Feeling popular? You will with our call-waiting feature! A discreet “beep” lets you know a second caller is waiting while you’re already on the phone. This lets them know you’re aware they are waiting and to please hold.
  • 3 Way Calling: Want to involve the other person on hold? Call them back during a call you’re already on and get them involved in the conversation!
  • Call Divert: Perfect if you’re constantly on the go. Divert calls to another landline phone or mobile of your choice.
  • Call Return Service (1471): Dialling 1471 will let you know whose call you missed and even ring them back by pressing 3.
  • Caller Display: Leave the traps of cold calls behind with the number of the person calling clearly displayed.
  • Withhold Number: Keep your personal details secure from recipients.
  • Anonymous Call Reject: Alternatively, you can automatically reject withheld numbers so that they won’t get through at all.
  • Call Barring: Have full control of what kind of numbers can be dialled on your phone. A great option for families who want to prevent soaring phone bills.
  • Barred Calls: If you want to adjust your call package so that international numbers and premium rates services cannot be called from your phones, contact the Broadband Freedom team at
  • Customer Initiated Barring: Put a PIN on certain numbers such as Premium Rate Services or International Calls. We understand that you may need to make a call to loved ones who live abroad but can’t run the risk of children running up the phone bill because they wanted to speak to grandma in Spain!

Personalise Your Call Package

We give you the freedom to personalise a call package that is right for you! Just let us know which ones you would like. What’s more, we thought we’d throw in some special offers if you purchase two or more features:

Two features is usually £5.00 – with our special offer, get them for just £3.00

Three features is usually £7.50 – with our special offer, get them for just £4.50

Four features is usually £10.00 – with our special offer, get them for just £6.00

Call Features Price Per Month
Basic Voicemail FREE*
1471 FREE*
Caller Display FREE*
Withhold Number £2.50
Call Barring £2.50
Call Direct £2.50
Caller Waiting £2.50
Customer Initiated Call Barring £2.50
Voicemail Plus £2.50
3 Way Calling £2.50
Anonymous Call Reject £2.50

Call Periods

Anytime Calls

At Broadband Freedom we believe that freedom brings value to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing a service that works around customers, instead of the other way around. Whether you have no-contract broadband or like our service so much you sign up with us for two years, we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure broadband and call packages are less of a headache.

Make the right call with Broadband Freedom. Call in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, or early hours. In reality, it doesn’t matter to us. But it may matter to you, which is why it’s important for us to keep your service accessible and cheap when you need it most.

Call Periods

Charges in all of our call packages will stay the same regardless of what time you make the call. Most other providers will have call periods, like the one shown below:

Standard 08:00 – 18:00
Weekend 00:00 – 24:00
Off Peak all other times

But with Broadband Freedom we offer you a cheap and flexible service that is there for you when you need it most.

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